Book Review: HYPERTHOUGHT by M.M. Buckner
by John C. Snider,

By the mid-21st century, global warming has rendered the surface of the Earth uninhabitable. The population live mostly in crowded underground cities far from the equator, breathing processed air – their governments run by draconian mega-corporations called “.Coms”.

Jolie Sauvage caters to the very “Commie” overlords she despises, arranging thrilling tours of the surface using special “surfsuits”. When Jin Airlangga Sura, the movie-star son of the lord of Pacific.Com, joins one of Jolie’s tours, she finds herself smitten by him. He is not the haughty socialite she expected – indeed, he appears to have a kind heart and a burning desire to change the oppressive society created by the likes of his father. Jolie introduces Jin to her friend Judith Merida, a kooky-but-seemingly-harmless “doctor” who claims to have developed a nanotech procedure that will allow patients to experience reality at the quantum level. Jin sees this as the perfect opportunity to find a way to solve the world’s problems – but Jolie sees it as a quick ticket to a frontal lobotomy! Is “hyperthought” possible, or just one of Dr. Merida’s cons? (more…)