ElectricSpec.com – M.M. Buckner Interview
by Leslie L. Smith
Volume 3, Issue 3, Oct 31, 2008

Your new book, Watermind, is out in November, 2008.  What is it about?
WATERMIND is set in present-day Louisiana.  It’s about a liquid artificial intelligence, spontaneously self-assembled from trash in the Mississippi River.

Every day, the Mississippi carries up to 400,000 tons of rubbish from forty-one US states and three Canadian provinces. All of North America’s most advanced technology flows into the river – microchips, nano-devices, pharmaceuticals, genetically modified seed.  Now in the Louisiana Delta, a radically new primordial soup gives birth to an elusive entitiy.  Drifting in the water, it’s more alien than anything that might come from outer space – because it springs from the waste-stream of our own civilization. (more…)