NEUROLINK: Book Review by John C. Snider

Neurolink Review
from Scifidimensions by John C. Snider

In the mid-23rd century the earth is in quite a pickle. The environment has been overwhelmed by global warming and pollution: the air and oceans are considered poisonous; the populations huddle together in enclosed cities in the far north and south. Society itself is overwhelmed by nearly omnipotent corporations, and the vast majority of humanity live as “protes” – protected employees who eke out a living under the boot heels of the “.Coms”.

Dominic Jedes is a scion of the ruling elite, the cloned son of Richter Jedes, president of ZahlenBank. The elder Jedes has extended his lifespan to nearly three centuries, using genetic treatments and repeated organ transplants. But no amount of money can prevent the inevitable, and when Richter dies he cheats death by having his consciousness transferred into a Neural Profile (NP for short), “a new kind of bank for storing a person’s mind.” (more…)

HYPERTHOUGHT: Book Review by John Snider

Book Review: HYPERTHOUGHT by M.M. Buckner
by John C. Snider,

By the mid-21st century, global warming has rendered the surface of the Earth uninhabitable. The population live mostly in crowded underground cities far from the equator, breathing processed air – their governments run by draconian mega-corporations called “.Coms”.

Jolie Sauvage caters to the very “Commie” overlords she despises, arranging thrilling tours of the surface using special “surfsuits”. When Jin Airlangga Sura, the movie-star son of the lord of Pacific.Com, joins one of Jolie’s tours, she finds herself smitten by him. He is not the haughty socialite she expected – indeed, he appears to have a kind heart and a burning desire to change the oppressive society created by the likes of his father. Jolie introduces Jin to her friend Judith Merida, a kooky-but-seemingly-harmless “doctor” who claims to have developed a nanotech procedure that will allow patients to experience reality at the quantum level. Jin sees this as the perfect opportunity to find a way to solve the world’s problems – but Jolie sees it as a quick ticket to a frontal lobotomy! Is “hyperthought” possible, or just one of Dr. Merida’s cons? (more…)