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watermind, the novel SYNOPSIS: The time is the present. The place is southern Louisiana. Every day, the Mississippi River carries up to 400,000 tons of rubbish from forty-one US states and three Canadian provinces.

From storm drains, illegal dumps and flooded landfills, all of North America’s most advanced technology spills into the river – microchips, nanotubes, pharmaceuticals, genetically modified seed. For decades, this techno-litter has coursed downstream and lodged in the Louisiana delta.

Now, the mire has brewed a radically new kind of primordial soup, and a mysterious entity stirs in a polluted canal. What emerges is a self-organized neural net drifting in the water. The elusive Watermind is more alien than anything that might come from outer space – because it springs from the waste-stream of our own civilization.

When it leaks into the Mississippi River, three people fight to control it:

CJ Reilly, the scary-smart young MIT drop-out, is fascinated with the newborn liquid neural net. Her troubled past leads her to identify with the “child prodigy,” and she takes reckless measures to protect its safety.

Roman Sacony, the hardnosed Argentinean CEO, recognizes a dangerous enemy. His canal banks collapse, his barges sink, and lawsuits proliferate as he tries and fails to destroy the faceless marauder before it spreads beyond his control.

Max Pottevents, the shy young Creole musician who works on Roman’s crew, wants only a chance to find peace with his beloved CJ. Yet he is the one who may hold the key to the Watermind’s remarkable language.

The Watermind can freeze, boil, rise, sink and flow – seemingly at will. It evolves “like a nuclear explosion,” incorporating every useful process it finds in the river – from cast-off photovoltaic cells to aquatic photosynthesis.

Scores of officials, media and onlookers race it downriver. Just miles from the hurricane-ravaged city of New Orleans, they make a last frantic attempt to stop it from reaching the Gulf. Can CJ make contact in time? Can Roman annihilate it? Will anyone listen to Max, who can hear the Watermind speak? Will they kill the beast, or will they learn to communicate with the first sentient life to evolve on Earth since humans?

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Watermind is…a novel that works the interfaces between any number of genres, where the best modern fiction is now evolving.”
— Asimov’s Science Fiction: Read full review

“A bold idea. Well-drawn characters. A gripping tale. M. M. Buckner’s Watermind is a first-class novel.”
— Ben Bova

“The action comes crisp and smart in this fast-moving novel, rich in ideas. I liked it a lot.”
— Gregory Benford

“Part techno-thriller, part speculative science, and all quality.”
— Mike Resnick

“M.M. Buckner’s WATERMIND is powered by a lean, reaching prose, a protagonist so real you can practically reach out and touch her, and a tight techno-savvy plot that will leave you exhausted! The best book I’ve read in years.”
— William C. Dietz